Welcome to FileSender!
In order for this service to operate it must retain some information about files, who can access them, and what has happened. Files will be automatically removed from the system when they expire and other retained information will be removed from the system and database after some amount of time has passed. This page allows you to see how long various pieces of information are retained by this installation.
Note that when a transfer is deleted, all the related files are also deleted along with the copies of any emails that have been sent out which relate to the transfer.
Number of days information is retained
7Maximum number of days until a transfer expires
10If a transfer fails you might be offered the ability to report the issue directly through this web interface. That report will be removed from the server database after this many days have passed.
30Number of days emails sent to a user will be retained
0Once a guest has expired they are removed after this many days
31Days that a log of what actions have happened is retained.